Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hokkai-go! day 2

June 3rd.
i guess i should mention that the whole trip, i was sick. i had a pretty high fever and a terrible cough. now, nearly 2 weeks later, the fever is long since gone but the cough is still hanging on... but, my spirits weren't dampened! for day 1 in Sapporo we got up early and went over to the Sapporo beer garden (札幌ビール園) to have a delicious lunch and i had some beer! because i didn't feel so well i only put down about 3 or 4 beers (very sub-par for the locale). one of them is only available in Hokkaido, and one of them was only available at the beer garden, the were both pretty good. they also have a museum that was pretty cool and informative, but the cool part was the old style red brick buildings, signature of the frontier days of Hokkaido.after the beer garden we made our way to the Sapporo dome (札幌ドーム) super early to check out the place and get in line.we ended up with pretty good seats (2nd row) and Sapporo dome was pretty decent, wide aisles! but the selection of Carp goods was limited... i couldn't get the road jersey i wanted :( probably gonna have to wait until September.The game was really good, a little back and forth action leading to a 2-2 tie until Brown decided to take Lewis out of the game and our reliever promptly let up 5 runs in the 8th...

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