Friday, June 27, 2008

an update on my break...

Well, I was gonna make a big ass post talking about a bunch of shit, but I don`t want to, so I`m not gonna! I am gonna do several posts over the next few days covering a few things that I`ve been up to, like stuff, experiences, and food, so look forward to those! What I will do is update what`s going on here at no airplay.

So, been thinking a lot about what I should do, I`m falling back into the `6 months lost` pattern from last year and I want to avoid doing that so I needed to re-think what I was doing. I had been trying to fight my boredom and come up with some ways to make things still enjoyable and useful for myself. Apoc said it best, `there was no end in sight` (I might be paraphrasing here). The first idea that I was thinking to do was limiting the podcasts to just specials, you know, Thanksgiving, New Year`s and the like. But that seemed boring too... I was thinking of doing a limited run of some kind and then I saw that Apoc D was back and doing a season set-up. 13 episodes in the second season! I`m super thrilled that he`s back, but 13 episodes is a lot. What I really want to do is cover the whole year... but how? Well, I think I`m gonna do 4 seasons per year. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, along with some special episodes for the afore mentioned holidays. So I think what we will see is 4 seasons per year of between 8-11 episodes each. That will give me around a month or so off between each season to do nothing. Who knows... this is the plan for right now, I`m planning to kick off the the summer season with a July 4th specialstravaganza! and wind it down with a special tribute to dude? on September 11th!

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