Thursday, October 26, 2006

i love elipses...

Well, hello reader, how are things? Things good? It's been awhile, I just haven't felt like writing anything lately. I did try to write something last night, but blogger was down, and I spent like an hour just trying to get into where I could post a new entry, so I just gave up and here I am today... oooh, there's the elipses again, love 'em! So, I googled "no airplay" again, and guess what, up to #15! wahooooo! Don't know why that matters, just interesting. So, last night, I busted out my cold weather clothes. As evidenced by this picture: well, that's gonna have to wait because blogger isn't being receptive to uploading photos. But the jist of it is that the seasons, they are a changing. It's getting colder, and it's nice, I love this time of year, but I've been down lately. I haven't been motivated to do really anything lately, work, shop, cook, clean, blog, whatever it is, I haven't been up for it. I'm not sure why, I guess the easy way out is to say it's because of the changing seasons, but I don't really believe that... elipses... I think it's mostly from stress, I guess that's an easy answer too, but I think it's probably a big part of it. Stress, of course at work, stress at home, and stress in my relationship. Let my clarify, first at work: it seems like the past couple weeks at work I have had an unbalanced number of difficult students. I can deal with them most of the time, but in smaller doses, not all of my lessons, everyday, it's difficult. Today was better, I actually had 2 classes with students I really like. yeah! So, next I'll skip to the relationship difficulties. Don't get me wrong, things are good, everytime we meet, we have fun, and it's great when we meet, the problem lies only in the chances we have to meet are few and far between. We met yesterday, we had fun as always. It's just that we are both busy. It seems that lately hunbun has been making a real effort to come see me, and meet me for dinner, or lunch, but I haven't done the same. I feel guilty about that, but on my days off I haven't wanted to do anything at all, I've been so tired... so... something. Sorry hunbun, I'll try harder. The last in the list is the problems at home. I haven't liked this place since I moved in, for many reasons, too far from the station, too old, too dirty, too loud, too exspensive and so on, but the worst part has been the roommates I've had here. I have to move out, I can't stand it anymore, and so today I put my name on a waiting list for a Sakura House apartment. Sakura House is a company that rents apartments, guesthouses, and dorms to forieners here in Japan. There's no idea when the apartment will become available, or how many people are already on the waiting list, but it's a cool looking apartment with a private kitchen in the room. The one drawback is that it has a shared bathroom/shower. I can live with that. It's located in a good place, close to several convinent stations, a little bit further from work than where I live now, but not too much. It's also closer to the station, now I have a 15-20 min walk (however, I use a bike) and the other place is about 8 mins to one station, or 12 to another, or 15 to a third, good location. Anyway, I think I've just about run out of stuff to talk about for today, anyway, enjoy, later...

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LA 2 Tokyo said...

What's up geezer?! Good seeing you tonight. Damn, you're happy the season's changing? I'm shakin' in my skivies! 5 more months of freezing cold weather coming soon...what a nightmare.

Anyway, that's good you're getting the hell outta that place ur at now. Those clowns sounded like major bad vibes.

Congrats too on the Google placement, and when I typed it in, I noticed you're showing up without parantheses, which means even more hits.

Hey does Blogger have some kind of statistics you can use to see who's visiting your site? If you can get it's pretty cool. It fun to see how many are visiting, what city their from, search terms used, etc.

Uncut is finally in google, but thanks to you, it's been getting mass hits for the term "sockjob." I never knew it was such a popular word. All the other search hits seem to people people looking for Japanese porn.

Alright, gotta go. I'll talk to you later.