Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 12: the meeting...

Again my fellow instructors and I (along with the staff from our school, and hundreds of other instructors and staff from other schools) met up in Shinjuku at our company's head office, AKA "the womb" (for the Kanto region at least) for an informative meeting about the status of the company. The one thing they forgot was the "informative" part. After a stand-up routine performed by the interim-leader (which pissed off more than a few unpaid teachers), the show began. An hour later we knew 2 things: no money, and no decision for the next 10 days. Great. Oh, I guess we did find out one more thing, no one was going to be working over that time period either (way ahead of the game!). After the "speeches(?)" there was a Q&A session, which brings about a couple questions of my own. Does it count as a Q&A session when there are no As? Is that ironic? I do know one thing, it was BULLSHIT! Anyway, that'll be the last thing about this situation at least until I see some $$$s in my bank. Just don't really like talking about it very much, and if I ever read back through these posts in the future to remember this time of my life, I don't want to read about this.

After the "meeting" we all headed over to BK, yes, that BK: BURGER KING! It's back in Japan now after a 6-7 year absence. I remember 1 or 2 of them here the first time I came to Japan, don't remember if I ever went then, but it's been a solid 2 years or so since I've been and it was a nice stroll down memory lane. Bacon Cheese Whoppers rule!

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