Thursday, April 30, 2009

Art Archives vol. 3

I just finished the 1st of my 9 days off and I plan to do some posting about what I'm up to these 9 days, but for now I'm just gonna throw up a picture for the "Art Archives." This is something I did at a point in college and this is probably my single most famous piece. It's a take on the NBA logo, what is happening in the picture is up to your own imagination... Blind Spot Studios is a name I took (trademarked thank you very much (had my own business license (above my toilet) and everything)) from my first ever comic strip that I came up with when I was in elementary school. I gave up on it (the comic) when I learned that there was a photography magazine by the same name, but I kept the name in the back of my mind for years and then established "Blind Spot Studios" years later when I was in college. Most of the work I did was photo manipulation, almost exclusively photos of me, and although this example is pretty easy to tell that it is of a person, some pictures that I will put up down the line will not be. But trust me, it's probably based off an image of me. During my "Blind Spot" phase, I probably produced the single greatest "period" collection of my life. There are countless pieces that I came up with during this period, some of which have become widely know, some of which haven't. As the "Art Archive" expands I'll introduce some more of my favorites from this period. I also had a similar experience where, in High School, I had a band called "Surface" but abandoned it when I learned of the existence of an old singing group by the same name... lame, we could've been huge!

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