Sunday, September 13, 2009

9 hours!

man I'm stoked! 9 hours until the kickoff of the USC x Ohio State game. I hate Ohio St. I LOVE USC!
Many people know that I am from Washington, and I love my M's and my Hawks, my Dawgs, my Sonics and hey, even my Sounders. But the first team I liked in my life was the Trojans. As a kid, I moved around a lot. At the time I was coming into an age where I was starting to play and watch any sports, I lived in California. Actually, a few places in California. This is why I love me some USC, and some Dodgers. Of course a lot of my deeper connections with sports teams were formed later in life during the later 80s and 90s and the struggles of most of my local Seattle teams (except for the dominance of UW!). My first hat was a Dodgers cap. My first football had a SC logo on it. I'm stoked for this game! In the Horseshoe. True freshman at the helm. GO TROJANS!

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