Monday, September 07, 2009

my PC is F'd up!

so, yes, my PC is experiencing a bunch of problemos. so I stopped by Bic Camera today and picked up this beast!that's right, 1.5Tb of hard drive storage action! I work late tonight, should be home around 11 and I plan to get to work on backing up all the important stuff (pictures, music, and videos) and then do a clean re-install. why couldn't thus have happened in about 2 months when I could get my hands on the new Windows 7? F! god, I wonder how long it's gonna take...
in other news, when i arrived home last week, I found a couple rolls of plastic wrap in the mail box along with a letter letting us know that construction would be going on for a couple weeks in and around the building. it started today. the plastic wrap was a consolation for being disturbed. ha! like plastic wrap is gonna come close to making up for a 9am wake-up call that sounds like someone is actually drilling into my eye.

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