Sunday, November 22, 2009


The clock's ticked over to Sunday for me, right around 2:15am now. And it's time for some football!! I've got "the game" (Ohio St. vs. Michigan) going in a Firefox window but I'm writing this in a Google Chrome window. I think I might be switching to Chrome. It's pretty good. I used it briefly after it first came out but kinda fell back into Firefox. But now? There are a couple of things that I still seem to need Firefox for, but we'll see how that all goes. Oops, Mich. just fumbled, TD Ohio St.
This is a rivalry weekend for many schools (biggest one though is next weekend, the Apple Cup!) but the game I'm most interested in is Central Washington University vs. Tarleton State. Now, I'm pretty good with geography but, I've no idea where Tarleton State is... let me look that up... oh, Texas. Well, anyway, it's a big game! It's the second round of the division II playoffs and my school CWU is playing at home and ranked #1 in the country baby!!! Stupid daylight savings has pushed all the games back an hour for me putting the early games' starting times at about 2am and the CWU game at 5am now... I'm not sure if I'll stay up for it, but I may, and the best part is that I can check out the game live through the Penn Atlantic website. I've never watched a game on it before but a couple weeks ago I listened to a CWU game on there. It's great because it's free, but the sound quality was a bit iffy on the radio broadcast, wonder how the video will be... Oh well, go Wildcats!

Man, it's been a long time to post something on here from my computer, it's a bit weird...
couldn't leave without a picture, just looked naked, here's something:

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