Friday, November 13, 2009


what's up with my schedule lately? I'm getting worked (pun)! recently
about 2 or 3 days a week (especially Friday) have taken a huge hit.
I'm getting crushed! the late starts are much better than the long
breaks (both today) but, you know what's better than both of those?
my theory is that part of the reason for the current slow schedules is
that the 英会話 (English conversation) industry lags behind the
real economy because most students are locked into contracts often
around a year or so. we are right around a year after last year's
economic colapse now and I feel like I'm being hit now. luckily, I'm
still one of the more popular teachers and I'm still getting more
lessons than most of the other teachers I'm working with but it's
gonna be tough if this continues too much longer. hopefully people's
situations will get better soon and they'll be able to invest in
English again, and of course, I'll get paid! dolla dolla bills
y'all!!! and I won't be so bored...

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