Monday, February 09, 2009

it's days like today...

It's days like today that make me hate my job. I arrived at 1:00 to find my schedule half empty. Well, more than half empty. I'm scheduled from 1:20-10:00 and during said time I have 6 classes. That equals 240 minutes of lessons. That's terrible. I'm dead bored already. It doesn't help that of my 6 lessons, there is not a single student that I find "interesting." There are several nice students, but they are far from personality having. Such a shit-storm of a day. Half my classes are finished for the day, in the middle of a 3:20 min break... I almost recorded a show, but as I took the recorded out of my pocket I realized I had nothing to talk about. Seriously. Just been playing games a bunch, cooked some sweet pizza the other day. Mornin made some sweet Mexican yesterday. Yup. I am psyched for Wednesday. It's a national holiday (建国記念日) which is my favorite holiday in Japan, see this post to find out why. This year I have to work. Normally we have national holidays off, but this time our boss said we could stay open because it's been pretty slow this year. At least I get off early, and after work mornin and I are going to the ENVY show in Shin-Okubo (新大久保), psyched for that! The next 2 days aren't so break heavy so at least I'll be making some paper.

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