Thursday, April 10, 2008

vol. 18!

The longest vol. in no airplay history! The best? Who knows?!

Topics covered: Mario cart for the Wii, Deca Sporta, effect pedal, Tigers' game, Golden Week epicness, NPB standings, NDDA results, MLD update, a *brand new sound*, and a song from dude? like you've never heard before! KA-POW!


melting faces said...

I'm guessing crickets or cicadas bro! or maybe some various insects roaming the Floridian swamps. I understand that I put out 3 answers but fuckit! They're all in the same genus within the animal kingdom!

Anonymous said...

Yup I am going with cicada as well but it isn't the same type that lives in Osaka. So my guess is the cicada that lives up in your area