Thursday, May 22, 2008

vol. 24! new!

I love this pic! K looks terrified! And why am I grabbing my nuts? This might be "Ruby Soho" (courtesy of: Hiromitsu!)
Intro is cool, but the song part seems a bit quiet... can`t get my balance right... The background music was a bad choice today because it doesn`t really loop, it more stops and starts. Oh well! *sound* answer! new "*sound*"! The song at the end (edited for time) is called "superFUCKingNOVA!" Tragedy at Jusco! Plans for the next couple months, and sooooooo much more!
Reviews include:
Deca Sporta (again)
Wii family stadium
The Link shooting game
and something else maybe...

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melting faces said...

Bro! that's gotta be the ALF theme song! I used to have a red ALF plastic lunch box in elementary school! Then I retired it for a thundercats lunch box in 4th grade. Yeah I was hip...