Friday, March 27, 2009

Call of Duty: World at War, check!

alright, so riding the train home now and i thought it was about time to get to this review. i think i finished COD WaW over a week ago and it was seeming that i might never get around to reviewing it, but here we are now.

so, WaW is a good game. the graphics are great, the sound is awesome the levels and missions are well designed. there's not much negative to say about the game except that it's fairly short. dude? and i ran through almost the entire on-line co-op campaign in a night, and the single player campaign isn't too much longer. that said, the game is intense! tons of action and periods of adrenaline pumping fire fights, and pant peeing banzai charges. the sound of the game is wonderful and really puts you in the action, super-great if you rock some surround sound headphones.i do also have to say that the "variety" missions, where you are a gunner in a plane or a sharpshooting sniper, seem to have been more of an afterthought and aren't done nearly as well as COD4. i think they might have been better done as loading sceen mini-games. the exception to this was the tank level that provided some sweet explosions and good action. i would have liked to have had an option for an in-the-tank view but oh well. alltogether, WaW is a rockin good time, just 3 pieces of advice to the makers: make variety a priority or leave it out. make it longer. make it fully on-line co-op!

a one cup ozeki and a bottle of bitberger

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