Saturday, August 05, 2006

The bottom of the barrel...

So, here it is, saturday evening about 10:00, and I'm bored... I finished cleaning my room, I did my dishes, I watched a baseball game, and something called "heros" which seems to be similar to pride or K-1, but I'm not sure how it's similar, or how it's different, since I don't watch either of those either. So, I just went down the street to the Lawson to pick up some beers so I could sit here and put up a post, and not be completely bored outta my mind. So, I picked up 2 cans of beer, and surprise, they are not my best friend, Kirin Ichiban Shibori, but rather they are the previously discussed "happoshu" or 2nd category beer. They are made by Asahi. And one is called "hon nama" which means something along the lines of "original draft" and is in a red can. It also says "koku : kire" which I translte as "full bodied : crisp" maybe... the can says smooth and tasty at the top, so maybe that's what they meant, but I'm not sure about that... The second one is in a blue can, and claims that it's 50% off of something, and something else too, I'm going to look that up now.....well, that took awile. I found the second something fairly easy, it's sugar, now, the first something unfortunately dosen't exist... at least that I know of, so I'm gonna have to do some more research on that. Anyway, the blue can is also called "hon nama" but it apparently is also "aqua blue." So the red one so far is not so good, we'll see how the blue one is later, but I'm not looking forward to it... hey! here they are now!

So, when I was in Kamakura earlier this week, I picked up a pack of "buddha cigarettes." I know, I know, rad right? Well, you're right! However I doubt that the enlightend one would actually condone his likeness on a box of cigs. Well, I have good news for you, they aren't real cigarettes! Yeah! They are actually candy cigarettes, chocolate flavor!

Get the kids started as early as possible I say, actually, I remember when they sold these in the US when I was a kid, and I loved them! Bad, bad candy makers!

So, as you're reading this blog, I bet you're wondering, "hey butt? what are you sitting on?" Well the answer my friend is very simple, it's a chair. But not any chair, for you see this chair is special. "Why?" you ask. Well, very good question! Because it has no legs! "How?" you aks. Another excellent question! I shall show you, oh, I'll show you!

This is my chair! It has no legs, but an adjustable back, and a cool pattern, and I picked this lovely up for a mere 1000 yen, or roughly $9. Rad? yeah, rad! It's quite comfy, and sturdy, and it gives me somewhere to sit also, so it's surely a winner!

Next on the list we have a can of boss cafe au lait. I just wanted to put this on because I like it. That's it really, people in Japan are really into canned coffee, and they sell em cold, or hot. During the winter,
the vending machines will have certain sections devoted to hot drinks that you can get, and most of them are coffee, but they usually will have tea also. I don't go for them so much because the can is freaking hot sometimes! But during the morning I pick one of these up often on my way to the station, they usually sell for 120 yen or roughly $1.10. They aren't too bad

Finnally, I know, "thank god!" I wanted to tell you what I had for dinner this evening... edge of your seat yet? I had.....


That's right, the cheesest! Good 'ol mac&cheese, and it was goooood! It better have been, the stuff cost me over $3! And it's not even the family size! Just the plain old bachelor size. AHHHHHH!!!!! $3 for mac&cheese, $4.50 for 10 flour tortillas! When will this country get it right!?!?!?!? Hopefully soon....
Anyway, for now that's it, I've wasted enough of my time, and yours, now I can head off to bed cuz I gotta get up and go to work tomorrow morning, but at least I can sleep soundly, knowing that I have educated the world!

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