Friday, August 25, 2006


Happy Birthday Hunbun! So, hunbun was born in the year MCMLXXIV. Things were good that year, not because of what happened outside of a hospital located in Omachi, in Nagano prefecture, but what happened inside that hospital. That was the day that the world was introduced to a beautiful little girl. Anyway, I'll save the mushy parts for our face to face meeting later tonight, but I just wanted to let everyone know what else happend the same year that she was born.

MCMLXXIV, what a big year!

Here's some things that happened in that same year:

Richard Nixon resigns.
The number of copies of Pong (or commercial clones of Pong) exceeds 100,000 units.
The Sears Tower in Chicago (the tallest building in the U.S.) opens.
Top 2 grossing films in North America were "the sting," and "the exorcist".
Hank Aaron hit HR #715.
Oakland A's won the World Series over the L.A. Dodgers.
Boston Celtics win the NBA champrionship over the Milwaukee Bucks.
The "rumble in the jungle" happens in Zaire, Africa where Muhammad Ali regains the World Heavyweight Title from George Froman.
Miami Dolphins win Super Bowl VIII over the Minnesota Vikings.

Things that also happened on August 25th, but in different years:

1609: Galileo Galilei demonstrates his first telescope to Venetian lawmakers.
1718: New Orleans, Louisiana is founded.
1825: Uraguay declares its independence from Brazil.
1830: Belgium revolts from the Netherlands.
1916: the U.S. National Parks service is created.
1944: Paris is liberated by the allies in WWII
2002: ESPN's signature show SportsCenter has their 25,000 episode.

Other famous people with the same B-day:

1919: George Wallace
1931: Regis Philbin
1946: Rollie Fingers
1954: Elvis Costello
1958: Tim Burton
1972: Marvin Harrison

So, yeah, that's some stuff with some similarities. Really I wanna say, Happy B-Day hunbun! I'll see you tonight for dinner, and I'll see you more this weekend, you're the greatest!

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