Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Old people rule!

Well, what's happening? Oh, not much, you? Not alot. But guess what? Monday was a holiday, it was old people's day! Yeah! Well, I guess nicely translated it's "respect for the elderly day." But that's boring, and I like "old people" better, so happy old people's day everyone! Anyway, it's just another in the long line of holidays over here that really mean that everyone gets the day off of work except me... sad... Oh well, it wasn't too busy at work, and monday's my friday, so, whoha! or something. Well, really the big news was that Yoshinoya was serving Gyudon for one day only! Yeah! About 100,000 bowls for the whole country, and I got one of them. I also got a "tenugui," which is a kind of thin washcloth, as a gift, for being one of the first 10,000 people! Yahoo!

It was actually not such a big deal at my neighborhood Yoshinoya, I came at like 11:30 (they started serving gyudon at 11:00) and I waited in a line for maybe 10 mins at the most, and then sat down and ate my (american beef) bowl. The line for take out seemed to be much longer, and I'm not sure why, but I think I heard that it was about an hour wait at the time I went, but, all together it took me about 20 mins to wait, eat, and get out. At Yurakucho (also Tokyo) apprently there were some crazier lines and such, as one university student lined up at 11:00pm on Sunday to be the first one in Japan to eat a bowl. The dude waited 12 hours for meat, rice, and onions... crazy fool! Anyway, Yoshinoya's Gyudon has kinda a cult following over here. Overall it wasn't too bad, the gyudon itself was a bit lacking on the taste side compared to what I remember, but I guess it's to be expected when they have to make so much at the same time, it doesn't get to simmer long enough or something, but it was a nice treat, I haven't had real, yoshinoya gyudon in about 4 years or so. Good times!
Tonight I'm heading out to Yokohama stadium to watch a game with Deuce, I'll put up some pics later.

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