Monday, December 29, 2008

winter vacation '08 day 2

for $50 you can be part of the party!
today wasn't the chill out day that i envisioned yesterday, but it was a good day none the less. woke up late after staying up late to watch the colts x titans stinker of a game. good thing i recorded the jets x dolphins game so i could watch that after i got up. that was a pretty decent game to watch. heard the hawks lost again today, sweet, gotta lock up that #4-6 (not sure how the tie breakers work out) pick in the draft next year baby! who's coming out...? who do we need?
back to the moral of the story. mornin and i went to akihabara, i wanted to get a head band so i could take a picture for the japanese/studying blog i'm gonna fire up shortly, think i'll wait to show you the header till it's live, but it's probably my favorite i've made thus far. another reason for going to Akihabara was because mornin wanted to get a micro SD card for her phone. I had picked one up for her on Saturday, 4Gb baby for only 1580円! problem is her phone, and i guess mine too, can't handle it. They max out at 2Gb unfortunately, sup wit dat yo? we got a 1gigger for like 500円 and we were out! Akiba was crowded as all get out! but on the way back to the station there were some pretty lights and a pretty girl:
and me: got back home, i worked on making the header and mornin made an awesome lasagna with mushrooms, peppers and spinach, f'n delicious! especially because i put death sauce on it: *death sauce not pictured*

some bad news to wrap up the show though, took my temperature this evening after i've been fighting a stoopid cough for the past day ちょっと and it was a balmy 37.3, wich i didn't understand until i converted it online: 99.14

fuck, i guess i'm sick again. oh, and i've been a bit sore today too after my time in the batting cage yesterday.

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