Sunday, November 05, 2006

T-minus 11 days and counting!

Hello there sir or madame, I hope this series of words finds you in good spirits. By the way, anyone know what's up with the "t-minus" thing? weird... Happy 11 days away day! Cruising into the home strech baby. I know I've only now been waiting for about 3 days, but it seems like forever! AHHHHH! Can't wait! But anyway, this weekend I had some fun. Friday night, after work, I headed over to Nakameguro to meet up with some old friends that I hadn't seen in years. Some I hadn't seen in 4 or 5 years, and others 6 or so years. It was pretty cool, all of them at one time went to my old community college back home as exchange students, and a couple of them I was really good friends with. My friend jun-chi-chi came up to Tokyo from Nagoya and I hadn't seen her since the last world cup, and another friend Oka-chi came down from Sapporo and I hadn't seen her in maybe 5 or 6 years. It was all pretty cool, we went to a bar, called "ping-pong bar." The name comes from the fact that they have a ping-pong table in the middle of the place, and that you have to ring a doorbell to get in, which in japanese, makes the "ping-pong." So anyway, the place was cool, but you would never know it was a bar from the outside, it looks just like a regular apartment, and on the inside it kinda has the same feeling, with couches and such around the place, but it was actually really cool. After the bar, and just in time for our last train, we headed back to Omori, myself, jun-chi-chi, and mack-e (who had missed her last train) and went to sleep. The next day mack-e had to get up early to go to a flaminco lesson and jun-chi-chi and I slept in until noon then went to Mos Burger for lunch before heading out to Kawasaki. We went to a new mall called Lazona which is kinda semi-attached to the station and is brand new. Man the place was packed! But it was really cool, have a look!

I sent a pic to hunbun because she was out of town doing some family stuff so she wasn't able to meet everybody unfortunately, but she thought the mall looked cool and wants to go sometime soon, I'm sure we will. After the mall J-chi-chi and I head to Shibuya to see another of the previous night's group preform at a live show at Club Asia. We'll call her "summer fruit." She was pretty cool, but I guess wasn't preforming with her normal band and was doing some kind of experimental techno-rock-fusion kind of thing, it was pretty interesting and the keyboard player was crazy man! They were called "Cosmic club experience," and the strange thing is that she not only went to the same college back home as I, but also, her really good friend works as a staff member at my work, small world! There were 3 other bands that played, one was called Bonsai Apartment, and they weren't too bad, there was also a rap-hip-hop-rock-group that was really weird and would have been cool, but one of the 2 lead guys was just a jackass, but they did have a pretty hot back-up singer, so it made it ok. The last group was pretty decent too and they kinda had a horn/olde tyme 50's vibe going for them. All of the groups were kinda hard to put only in one genre, but they were all pretty decent. Finnally j-chi-chi and I said our goodbyes and went out for some Yaki niku at the best place in the world, An An, and then called it a night. That's pretty much it, said goodbye this morning to her as she went back to Nagoya, and I went off to work... sad times... but I'm sure we'll meet again soon, and next time hunbun will be there too!

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