Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 vol. 3 + playlist!

epically short show today. pretty uninteresting too. I talked about my new shoes some more, a tiny bit about the NFL playoffs and... well, listen and find out. As I say, I think that more and more "shows" will be of this length. And they might be a bit more sporadic in occurrence. I'm not gonna be on a "weekly" schedule necessarily, just more of a "need to" schedule. If there's actually something interesting that happens, or not. Who knows, they may end up being weekly. Here's my mega-break playlist as well:

1. Stronger / Kanye West
2. U Not Like Me / 50 cent
3. Anarchy Camp / NoFX
4. Best Of My Love / The Eagles
5. Asian Kung-fu Generation / Konayuki
6. Carry / Isis
7. TV Maniacs / Ellegarden
8. 海猫 / 奥田民生
9. One Man Army / Our Lady Peace
10. Cakes and Ale and Everlasting Laugh / Ellegarden
11. Come Back Baby / Stevie Wonder
12. Ride On!! Blue Vehicle / ポルノグラフィティ
13. Forgotten / Linkin Park
14. 30才 / 奥田民生
15. Troubles / Alicia Keys
16. Save The Day / The Living End
17. Head Bobs / Black Eyed Peas (Pre-Fergie!)
18. Caravans to Ur / Melechesh
19. Real Thing / Alice in Chains
20. Disconnected / Face to Face

There you have it, listen along!

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