Friday, January 09, 2009

chinese democ*crap, i just threw up in my mouth.

so tonight, on my train ride home, out of podcasts, i thought i would give the new G&R album a listen. god knows I'd probably never get around to it otherwise. so i decided to listen to it straight through, for the duration of the trip home (usually about 35mins from Shinjuku, but tonight, roughly forever!). after the 1st song i thought "not the worst, but for sure should have been released 14 years ago." after the 2nd song, i knew i had heard the best of what there was to come. god it was terrible! give me 22 million dollars and 8 years (numbers not exact) and i could create a grandiose piece of ludicrousness that would destroy that steaming pile of awful.

I just googled "Chinese Democracy" and came up with this review from Rolling Stone. Are you joking!?! Rolling Stone is a piece of trash too.

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