Friday, January 02, 2009

2009... the year of 実

I have said that my goal this year is study for my JLPT test coming in December. That's my goal, but as a theme for this year I want to decide something to represent what this year will embody. The Japanese have chosen (change) to be the Kanji to represent the year 2008, and in turn I have selected my own for the year 2008: . 未 (み) has the connotation of being unfininshed and is a pretty much the summation of my unfulfilled dreams of 2008. Although a lot of good things happened, travels, relationships, financially and also things I wanted to buy. There were a few things that I didn't (and didn't expect to get to) do/buy/experience this past year, but the most disappointing was in the mental/creative development department. I didn't study worth a damn. Artistically I felt completly constricted in all aspects. I learned a ton of new vocabulary through teaching, and living life such as: 竹馬、扁桃腺炎、腫れる、日焼け止め、加湿器、気管、among many others, worthless and worthwhile, but I don't really feel like my overall ability to be a successful, contributing member of this society has been increased a great deal. I really feel I need to work on that this year. So for 2009 I have choosen a Kanji that I hope with spring from it a new creativity in academics and arts. It's another "み" kanji, and withought further ado, I present to you, my 2009 Kanji:

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