Thursday, January 15, 2009

oh, what to talk about...

I had a good/bad day today. It started out fine as I woke up in the early afternoon after a series of crazy ass dreams that I won't bother covering here, but they were crazy none the less. After that mornin and I headed over to wait! I didn't get my PTI today, that sucked! We headed over to Kawasaki to do some shopping, namely for me to do some shopping, and namely shoes.
I guess I talked about this on Wednesday, I recorded a show, but it was terrible, stupid, and boring so I didn't even bother posting it, but I want some new shoes for work. My shoes now are rad, and comfortable while I'm at work, but if I go out walking on my mega-epic breaks (had a 3 hour one on Wed.) they wear on my feet a little bit after some time so I wanted to get some new ones that aren't really worky, but still respectable enough to wear to work, and comfortable enough to walk around in. I found a really nice pair of Timberlands like this but a different color, a much better color. Problem is, I seem to have giant feet! In the U.S. I wear a 10.5 (depending on brand i guess), which seems to be just about the most common shoe size back home (sometimes sold out), but here in Japan that translates to a 28.5 which is only worn by giants as almost no shoe stores actually carry this size and in fact the shoe that I wanted doesn't even come in my size. They stop at 28... and that's just not working for me. 29 I could do, 28.5 is not an option. I looked all around Kawasaki and later Kamata and Ontakesan with little, well, no success. I gave up today and decided to hoof it home (alone because mornin had to go meet her lab folks). The walk from Kamata was wrought with chill but I quickly warmed up because I was walking at a pretty good clip, a 5.61km (~3.5mi), (thanks google maps!) walk took me about 55 mins with a couple stops to check some shoe stores along the way. I took a picture at each station (except Kamata because I hadn't planned on walking home when I left) to capture the essence of the Ikegami line, from Kamata (no picture) to Yukigaya.
It's a pretty lonely walk...
I also picked up a new Wii game while in Kawasaki. Let's Tap is the name of that game, and it's another of the many, many, many mini-game-fest that is the Wii line-up. It's a little different however in that you actually don't hold the controller as you play, you set it on a cardboard box (2 come with it) and tap the box. You can also use a tissue box if you are so inclined or if you have more people over. One of the games, can't recall what it's called but it has something to do with running is a ton of fun, there are 16 courses each between 40-60secs long. I think they could have done a lot more with this part of the game, but there is no argument that they could have done a freakin ton more with the rest of the game! All the other "mini games" are pretty forgettable. 4500 yen! Man! I wish that Nintendo would just price these fuckin mini-games shit at like 2500 or something. It would be worth it. There just isn't enough content in most of them to warrant 4500 yen. Rat bastards! AHHHHHH!!! It's fun, just not 4500 yen worth of it.
Speaking of rat bastards, check out this little rat bastard that showed up in the bedroom:So, that brings the total number of insects I've seen in Japan that I've never seen in America (excluding zoos) to 3.

So tomorrow morning, before work, I think I'm gonna go to the Gotanda BIG shoes shop (made famous by A.O.S. in his "Gotanda Christmas" mega-hit) to see if I can find anything decent that will fit my monster, freakishly huge feet.

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