Monday, January 05, 2009

commute playlist

today is my first day back at work, crap. My work was over-hauled while I was away and it's really strange being back here, not so happy with the changes... my tiny room got tinier. I also got a lot closer to my students...
so Monday is usually a slow day for podcasts and so it gives me the chance to shuffle some songs and bring to you my commute playlist for today! Hey!

1. Sworn and Broken / Screaming Trees
2. Holly's Dream Vacation / Super Deluxe
3. Genies, Sorcerers and Mesopotamian Nights / Melechesh
4. Special News Bulletin (interlude) / The Fuggees
5. The Deepest Blues are Black / Foo Fighters
6. The Pusher / Blind Melon
7. Diamonds on the Souls of her shoes / Paul Simon
8. Garden Of Light / Isis
9. The Life / Alicia Keys
10. Words from the Chief Rocker / De La Soul
11. Lee / Tenacious D
12. Andy Wolff / Minus the Bear
13. Hot Blooded / Foreigner (didn't even know I had this)
14. Love Speakeasy / Talib Kweli
15. Father and Daughter / Paul Simon
16. Track 04 / Ozrosaurus
17. Stranded in a Limousine / Paul Simon
18. track 17 / Ozrosaurus

Paul Simon was on fire!

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